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  • Peruvian finger puppets
    10 Peruvian finger puppets for 25 bucks! Shipping and Handling (U.S. Only) included. I bought 400 of these things because I figured they were perfect for when my friends had babies. I suppose I got carried away in the moment and thought my friends would be pumping out a new kid every two weeks.


My goal of Ahweh Café is to introduce others to what I consider well-written travel narratives, a style of writing that is deeply under appreciated. While the recent incarnation of the website is new, it is laying the foundations for something that I hope will become something larger.

I post a new travel narrative every couple of days or so.

Eventually I hope to sell items on the blog. I eventually get enough readers maybe I’ll put something on paper.

Currently I am the only moderator for the blog. If you care to submit a travel narrative for consideration, please email me at......

[email protected]

We don’t pay but will link to what ever site you want us to and hopefully Ahweh Café will generate some hits for you.

Nothing will be printed beyond this blog by Ahweh Cafe without your further permission.

Thanks for the uizit,
Kevin Patterson